A modern gully for your new wet room

Whether you are moving, whether you are raising the quality of your lifestyle, changing your wet room gully shouldn’t be left as one of the final changes you will make. And that is because it is as important as anything in your house. Of course, most people tend to leave it aside – while the drainage system is doing its job, it is practically inexistent. For those people, noticing that their shower room or uk bathroom drains have become faulty will come at a greater cost.

At first, they will just notice that the water is collected slower than usually, due to the clogging of the drains. However, besides the clogging, there will also be water infiltrating beneath the tiles, water which will become stagnant and will annoy with its rancid smell. And then the risk of water overflowing and flooding the wet room and even the house will increase.

So, if you are moving or raising the quality of your lifestyle, you should consider changing your wet room gully at first. If you do so, you won’t have to worry about changing the new tiles afterwards, or breaking them, or so on.

But what kind of new drainage system should you choose? Well, there are three alternatives. For shower rooms especially, you can consider replacing the old drains with either a traditional point drain system, either a readymade shower room floor (which is a floor with an incorporated traditional drain system). These are the types of drains which are used in most of the households. They are directly connected to the pipe and they can handle the volume of water coming from the shower.

However, they are a bit tricky to install, because they are usually positioned in the middle of the floor, which means that the tiles should have a concentric inclination towards them. This also means that you will also need to cut the tiles near the drain, for a better fit, which increases the risk of water infiltrating.

The third alternative is the alternative for a modern wet room. This wet room gully is the linear drain, which is positioned either in one of the corners of the wet room, either beside a wall (more usually). Because of that, they are much easier to install, because the tiles need to be tilted just a bit, towards the drain. And this also means that they are discreet and that they won’t steal anything from the aesthetics of the wet room.

As their name suggests, the channel drains are, basically, channels which collect the water on a larger area. Long and narrow profiles, this means that they will be able to handle larger volumes of water more easily than the alternatives. The risk of clogging is also reduced, because the impurities will be collected also on a larger area.

The linear drains are also low maintenance. But there is another reason for which more and more of our customers choose them: they can be personalized in any way one wishes. From the material from which they are made to even LED lighting and personalized grating designs, anything is possible.

So there are these three choices – which ones suits you the best? Whether it is a traditional drain system for your shower room, whether it is a proper wet room gully, we have everything that you need! If you truly want to enjoy soothing and relaxing showers and baths, come to us!