What’s the difference between a Hybrid DVR, Tribord DVR and Analog DVR

In the past there is only one version of Digital Video-Recorder, namely Analog DVR. There are currently several variants including DVR AHD, DVR HD-CVI or Hybrid, IP and Analog as mentioned above.

Analog DVR – records real-time 960H resolution and surveillance cameras can connect to this unit directly through the coaxial cable. Optionally, if the cameras are positioned at a large distance from the recording unit, you can opt for the FTP / UTP cable. It only works with analogue surveillance cameras

DVR HD CVI has the ability to record even at FullHD 1080P resolution 1920×1080 and can use the same type of cable as mentioned earlier. Such a DVR unit is a possibility to consider when you want to update the installed monitoring system without recasting the entire space. Only accept indoor or outdoor HD-CVI cameras.

AHD (or hybrid) DVR – is an increasingly popular recording unit in the country because it accepts both AHD or HD- 720P/Full HD 1080P megapixel cameras and classic cameras (such as the 800 TVL, 600 TVL, 420 TVL, etc.). As above, this unit can also be considered for the gradual updating of your monitoring system.

NVR – is the recording unit used for IP surveillance cameras. In this case, the video signal uses a network cable (or ethernet cable). An NVR can support rooms that have up to 12 megapixels.

Now, I have to tell you that there are also standalone DVRs that combine all these technologies into one device. In other words, DVR, analog cameras, AHD and IP cameras, or AHD, CVI and IP cameras (depending on each unit) can be connected to the same DVR drive.

The number of channels varies and can range from 4 to 32 ports. Exact! There are DVRs with four, eight, sixteen, twenty four or thirty two video channels. All of these storage units look largely the same (physically), but the hardware may be different for some. This means there are DVRs that can have audio channels, port 485 for ptz cameras and eventually alarm inputs / outputs. Security cctv systems installation in London.

The tribrid  name comes from number 3 – three technologies in a single unit. At the eyewatch shop you will find all the technologies mentioned above at the best price in the trade.

Tribord DVR